The Secret Body Language of Blokes

Co-written, designed and illustrated, The Secret Body Language of Blokes is a funny, handy and easy to use ‘How To’ tool to help teach the visual signifiers and codes of male interaction so women can decipher their subtle mannerisms. Although as we all know, men are about as subtle as a brick through a window. Still, there may be some nuggets of wisdom in there unbeknownst to womankind and failing that you can always just laugh at the preposterous illustrations.


10 SBLOB spreads INTRO v2

18 SBLOB spreads shes well fit v2

20 SBLOB spreads avin a laugh v2

46 SBLOB spreads up yours v2

54 SBLOB spreads love you man v2

64 SBLOB spreads handshake v2

76 SBLOB spreads hot girl 9 o clock v2

90 SBLOB spreads quit yapping v2

100 SBLOB spreads oooooh v2

122 SBLOB spreads kiss guns v2

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