The Secret Body Language of Girls

Co-written, designed and illustrated, The Secret Body Language of Girls is a hilarious guide for men to enable them to study, decipher and understand the behaviour and body language of the female species. Unique comic insights into female communication and the world of women, The Secret Body Language of Girls is a funny, handy and easy to use ‘How To’ tool to help teach the visual signifiers and codes of female interaction so men can read between the lines. Because, lets face it, they need it. Featured in several cultural zeitgeists all over the world from The Sun newspaper in the UK, to What On Xiamen in China and Triple J Radio in Australia. It seems men always need help no matter where they are.


10 SBLOG spreads intro v2

18 SBLOG spreads I LOVE YOU v2

26 SBLOG spreads Watch me get served v2

34 SBLOG spreads whatever v2

52 SBLOG spreads USELESS v2

54 SBLOG spreads talk 2 the hand v2

56 SBLOG spreads im so drunk v2

62 SBLOG spreads air quotes v2

94 SBLOG spreads ditch losers v2

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