M. C. Escher Pop-Ups

Book interior design and layout, PLC jacket and print management for M. C. Escher Pop-ups. This was the first pop-up book I’ve ever worked on and it had a steep learning curve! Courtney Watson McCarthy, the brilliant paper engineer responsible for the pop-ups, sent me a plan of each spread which had glue marks on it. It was then my job to style the interiors and to work out where the text could sit on the pages. The book was also sold to numerous foreign publishers so the design needed to be constricted to a text black change only plus flexible enough to cope with the different language lengths. Tricky stuff when designing for English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese!


Thames and Hudson also published the book in the UK and the U.S. with their own cover (below right)

Escher pop up covers

The following images of the spreads in action are taken from Courtney’s website, www.offcenterpops.com.

Escher spread 1 lo res

Escher spread 2 lo res

Escher spread 3 lo res

Escher spread 4 lo res

Escher spread 5 lo res

Escher spread 6 lo res

Escher spread 7 lo res

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